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Depression starts in college


Stress, anxiety and depression are often considered adult problems but in fact rates in teenagers are growing in frightening numbers of around 120%, as the German KKH has found in a recent data collection among 26.500 kids and teenagers in Germany. In total numbers the estimations consider 1.1 million German kids and teenagers affected and points out an especially vulnerable age group of 13- to 18-year old.

It is known that depression is often built over time by through performance pressure, emotional concerns and others. Therefore, it is important to detect depressive symptoms like stress, anxiety, mobbing, sleeping problems and others early in your kids to prevent depression and following medical treatment or therapy.

Download the complete KKH study (in German):


In response to this severe problem, Pharmactive has conducted a visionary study in 2017 to fight depressive symptoms in adolescents from a natural approach, using affron®. Affron® is a standardized Spanish saffron extract, 100% natural and without side-effects reported. It showed a significant efficacy in the treatment of young people, improving stress, anxiety, mood and sleep quality to support a healthy lifestyle and happy future for our adolescents.

Find out more information about affron® benefits in adolescents:

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