Xorialyc®, a natural skin inflammation relief

  Looking for a natural and differentiated ingredient? Nowadays, up to 23% of the general population in developing countries suffer from skin concerns related to inflammation. At Pharmactive, we are offering a 100% natural alternative against skin inflammation. We proudly present Xorialyc®, our innovative olive leaf extract fully supported by scientific evidence for its purity, efficacy, and safety for conditions […]

KWD+®, an innovative kiwi extract to improve protein digestion and absorption

KWD+®, HIGH-PERFORMANCE KIWI EXTRACT Kiwi fruit’s beneficial properties are well-known by the scientific community and by the general population, including its nutritional effects and digestive properties. At Pharmactive, we concentrate all these benefits to offer a genuine and multipurpose kiwi extract to improve protein digestion and absorption. KWD+® is produced in Spain and provides a […]