The Saffron extract for mood improvement with the largest scientific evidence on the market

Recommended daily dose: 28 mg.


affron®  is the first saffron extract standardized by HPLC to Lepticrosalides®, the bioactive compounds that help to improve mood disorders.


Patented both in its formula and in its therapeutic use related to mood disorders improvement.

affron®‘s uniqueness comes from the quality guaranteed:

– 100% DNA genetically certified.
– Origin audited by Bureau Veritas.
– Its 100% vertically integrated manufacturing process, from the crops to final product, guarantees the quality of affron®. Pharmactive has its own fields in the plateau La Mancha, where we cultivate our own Crocus sativus L. production.


Saffron extract is safer than other botanicals extracts also indicated to improve mood. affron® shows the best efficacy / side effects ratio, wich means more efficacy with lower adverse effects.

On the other hand, no side effects have been reported from any of the more than 400 participants in the different affron® clinical trials. Moreover, as has been shown in the study of its combination with Curcumin, affron® reduces curcumin’s side effects.

"affron® improves mood disorders"


affron® Dose response effectiveness clinical trial. The largest study ever done to date in 128 healthy participants (with anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties, lack of vigor, bad mood).

Complementary Therapies in Medicine

Efficacy of Saffron extract combined with curcumin to treat depression. Curcumin shows less side effects when it is combined with affron®.

Journal of Affective Disorders

affron® trial in adolescents : effectiveness of affron® to treat anxiety and depression symptoms in youth from 12 to 16 years old.

Journal of Affective Disorders

Clinical trial on Cognition realized by the Spanish Society of Psichosomatic Medicine and Medical Psycology confirms the effectiveness of affron®.

Pending of publication

Pharmacokinetic trial in progress.

Other clinical studies to follow.

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