Improving sexual life


liboost® and its benefits

Pharmactive’s liboost® is a phytotherapetice product made of
100% propietary extraction natural damiana leaves extract (Turnera
diffusa W.), an aphrodisiac mexican shrub. Damiana is known
for its aphrodisiac properties. The first time the benefits of
Damiana was made over 300 years ago, when Spanish
missionary Salvatierra wrote about how mexicans indians
where using damiana leaf as a sexual stimulant.
Damiana has proven to be effective as libido
and sexual desire enhancer; helping men with
erectile dysfunction problems.

liboost®  the way it works

liboost® is a sexual enhancer that causes excitement in the genital area helping to increase sexual appetite. This pro-sexual effect of the extract is attributed to the mechanism of action of bioflavonoids found in damiana leaves, invigorating active compound that increases energy counteracting stress and fatigue, mind a physical state that can affect sexual desire1-20.

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