Pharmactive´s R&D&i Department is focused on:

  • ffpplied research in different scientific or technological fields according to the market needs.
  • Innovative botanical extracts standardized in bioactive compounds and new product design
  • Active and continuous scientific support to our customers
  • Scientific documentation of all our products
  • Collaborations with Research Institutes throughout the world
  • Publication of our results into Impact Factor Journals
  • Participation in International and National Scientific Congresses
  • Development of new analytical methods for raw material and finished products, for internal departments and external customers


Research areas


Mood Disorders

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases, even 20% of adults affected at least once in life. The symptoms of MDD include loss or excessive weight gain, insomnia, anhedonia, sadness, loss of productivity at work, thoughts of suicide, etc.

The most common treatment for depression are “reuptake inhibitors” (RI) or “transporter blockers” antidepressants. These types of drugs inhibits reuptake via plasmatic transporters of a neurotransmitter from the synapse to presynaptic neurons, leading to increase the extracellular concentrations of the neurotransmitter, and therefore an increase in neurotransmission. Most of RI affect neurotransmitters, and between them: Serotonin, Norepinephrine (Noradrenaline) and Dopamine. Among the major disadvantages of this type of treatment include low success rate, relapses, possible overdose can lead to dependence, addiction, etc. In addition, some side effects cannot be tolerated by the patients.

afford® is a new generation Saffron Extract, a natural alternative to traditional antidepressants, standardized into Lepticrosalides, that has a significant positive effect on mood according to the clinical study carried out by Pharmactive in Australia with over 130 patients (double blind placebo controlled randomized clinical trial).


Cardiovascular Health

The first cause of death and disease in the occidental countries is the Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), mostly due to the advanced age, gender and genetics, but also to the behavior and environmental factors: smoking, sedentary lifestyle, non-adequate diet, alcohol consumption, etc., that could affect out cardiovascular health.

Once the patient suffers a CVD, the treatment is for its whole life, diminishing the quality of its last years. For this reason, one of the priorities of Pharmactive was to develop a new product to prevent CVD and promote cardiovascular health.


Immune System

The immune system is the defense of our body against infective and the external agents that cause diseases by means of the “immune response”. This immune response can be affected by several factors such as the natural age advancement (immunosenescence), stress periods, not adequate diet, etc.

The immune system is also responsible for the identification and removal of tumor cells by means of T cells, and therefore the correct functioning of the immune system is necessary for the maintenance of the overall good health.

To this aim, Pharmactive has developed a new product for the correct functioning of the immune system.


Eye Health

Throughout our lives, the eye is constantly exposed to flows of solar radiation. Certain spectral components of sunlight affecting the cornea cannot be totally filtered out before reaching the human retina. As we get older, the transmission of the visible light decreases producing age-related changes in the composition of the eye lens, accumulating chromophores that absorb at short wavelengths of visible light, and therefore more harmful. In later life, the transmission of visible light is significantly reduced in older lenses, especially in the blue region of the spectrum; typical daily activities related to exposure of the retina to light might cause acute damage to the retina.

affron Eye obtained from Saffron stigmas concentrated in carotenoids together with natural antioxidants protects our eyes against light and oxygen exposure, stopping the propagation reaction of free radicals. This natural extract also increases


Weight managment

The overweight is the middle state between normal weight and obesity, and as happens in the latter condition. The overweight is very common in developed countries because of different factors, chiefly sedentary life, social determinants, genetics, etc. In some cases regular hunger and satiety are disordered, favoring the prevalence of overweight and even obesity, which are linked to chronic diseases such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cancer, etc.

CSAT+ is a new product focused on the management of overweight with double effect: (1) because of its content in the soluble fiber galactomannan it increases satiety; and (2) by reason of its phenolic profile, enriched in gallic acid and derivatives, protects from lipid peroxidation.


Other research areas:
  • Sexual Life
  • Urinary Tract
  • Antioxidants
  • Natural Antivirals
  • Anti-inflammatory / Pain Killers