A complete antioxidant for cardiovascular
health designed to improve blood circulation


ABG10+® and its benefits

The first Aged Black Garlic extract standardized to S-Allyl
Cysteine by HPLC in the market.

The “in vitro” studies confirm that ABG10+®:

  • Promotes the release of nitric oxide and it has a vasodilatation
  • Decreases the blood pressure without affecting the
    heart rate.
  • Increases the superoxide dismutase gene expression,
    and therefore the antioxidant mechanisms.
  • Meets the USP./PH.EUR.


The “in vivo” studies confirm that ABG10+®:

  • Plays a role in weight management.
  • Decreases the triglyceride and LDL
    cholesterol levels in blood.
  • Increases the HDL cholesterol
    level in blood.


Garlic has long been used for treating diverse human diseases because of its antioxidant and antimicrobial effects.1 Despite that it has many active components with great health benefits, its consumption is limited due to its characteristic odor and taste, which can cause stomach upset. The bioactive compounds of raw garlic are difficult to quantify because of their unstable nature.2

Pharmactive employs a short term method (Figure 1) at controlled temperature and relative humidity that: eliminates the unpleasant garlic sensorial characteristics, increases the antioxidant capacity and the Total Phenols content (Figure 2); improves the stability of the resulting bioactive compounds, such as S-Allyl Cysteine (SAC).

Black Garlic ageing process

The resulting black cloves of sweet
taste provide ABG10+® antihypertensive
and cardioprotective effects
due to its high SAC content and its
antioxidant capacity that may reduce
oxidative damage of LDL cholesterol.


in vitro” study results with ABG10+® S-Allyl Cysteine (SAC) content comparison ABG10+®

in vivo” study results with ABG10+®

40% decrease bodyweight
24% decrease triglycerides levels in blood
Cholesterol levels in blood
– 22% LDL 46% HDL
– “Ad libitum” diet
– High Fat Diet (HFD) + Saccharose (S) Diet
– HFD + S + ABG10+

Cardioprotective effects of SAC

Several clinical studies show that one of the most important bioactive components found in Aged Black Garlic, is SAC, which has cardioprotective effects: Reduces LDL cholesterol, decreases serum triglyceride and increases HDL

LDL cholesterol isolated from subjects receiving SAC during 7 days were reported to be more resistant to oxidation than LDL isolated from subjects receiving no supplementation.

A 12-week double-blind, parallel
randomized placebo-controlled dose trial involving 60 patients, daily supplementation with Black Aged Garlic resulted in a cardioprotective effect in patients with mild hypercholesterolemia.

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