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  • 2020

WEBINAR (24/11/2020)

Traditional Mediterranean Complex for Immune Support. NOV 24th – 15.30h (CEST)

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In this webinar, Pharmactive introduces three innovative non-GMO botanical solutions based on traditional Mediterranean medicine and supported by clinical research. Olivactive®, Isenolic®, and Isenolic COMPLEX® include bioflavonoid and phenolic olive leaf extracts supporting immunity and its symptoms.

WEBINAR (17/07/2020)

Affron® From the mind to the sight

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Globally, we are experiencing a collective grief unlike anything before, and while much of what is felt today is temporary, there will be lasting impacts on individual wellbeing. As a result, our attitudes toward mental health are changing, with people more open to talk about their struggles. Hence, consumer´s priorities have changed, and they are focusing on mental health and on holistic approach to mind-body wellness.

Are you seeking for a holistic all-in-one solution to balance the mind, enhance mood and get restorative sleep? Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L., is presenting affron®, an extraordinary saffron extract of the highest quality, endorsed by 6 human clinical studies, patented, and with well-defined mechanism of action.

Secondary, we a are presenting affronEYE®, a premium ingredient designed to care for the the eyes exposure to oxidative stress promoted by ageing process or blue light.

We kindly invite you to participate in the webinar to discover the most clinically studied saffron ingredient worldwide and the fastest absorption antioxidant for eye health. These top-notch solutions will help your customers to look on the bright side of life.

WEBINAR (03/06/2020)

Affron® Top-notch branded ingredients for immunity boost and mood enhancement

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Good health means quality of life. In today’s challenging health landscape, new priorities have emerged. Demand for immune boosting and emotional support solutions are growing exponentially, as consumers around the world seek food and nutritional products able to support their immune health, calm their negative thoughts, and get restorative sleep.

Are you looking to meet consumers’ new priorities? Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L., worldwide leader in high quality saffron extracts, offers a wide range of innovative and patented natural ingredients to support all your needs. Naturally, are all backed by in-house scientific studies and with well-defined mechanisms of action.

We kindly invite you to participate in the webinar to discover all-natural, locally sourced approaches from the Mediterranean ancient medicinal heritage, to get an extra immunity boost and to dive into emotionally balanced top-notch solutions.

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