Xorialyc®, a natural skin inflammation relief

  Looking for a natural and differentiated ingredient? Nowadays, up to 23% of the general population in developing countries suffer from skin concerns related to inflammation. At Pharmactive, we are offering a 100% natural alternative against skin inflammation. We proudly present Xorialyc®, our innovative olive leaf extract fully supported by scientific evidence for its purity, efficacy, and safety for conditions […]

KWD+®, an innovative kiwi extract to improve protein digestion and absorption

KWD+®, HIGH-PERFORMANCE KIWI EXTRACT Kiwi fruit’s beneficial properties are well-known by the scientific community and by the general population, including its nutritional effects and digestive properties. At Pharmactive, we concentrate all these benefits to offer a genuine and multipurpose kiwi extract to improve protein digestion and absorption. KWD+® is produced in Spain and provides a […]

Pharmactive Mood Balance

Depression starts in college

GROWING DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS  IN ADOLESCENTS Stress, anxiety and depression are often considered adult problems but in fact rates in teenagers are growing in frightening numbers of around 120%, as the German KKH has found in a recent data collection among 26.500 kids and teenagers in Germany. In total numbers the estimations consider 1.1 million German […]