Study Supports affron’s® Fast-acting, High Bioavailability

  A new study confirms the superior oral bioavailability and fast-acting capabilities of affron® saffron extract, formulated by nutraceutical experts Pharmactive. This is the first pharmacokinetics study of a commercial saffron extract. The study, led by Paula Almodóvar, MS, was conducted at universities in Australia and Spain and published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary […]

And the winner is… Affron®EYE

We are honoured to announce that our premium ingredient affron®EYE has been recognized as Ingredient of the Year for Healthy Ageing, at The Nutraingredients Asia Awards.  The awards ceremony, which took place at Marina Bay Sand in Singapore, recognised APAC’s best product development and brightest research in the nutrition and supplements industry. Ingredient of the Year: Healthy Ageing […]

Pharmactive 10th anniversary

  Success is only achieved through teamwork, dedication, and commitment. Thanks to the efforts of our employees and customers to walk together towards victory, that is why we want to celebrate this anniversary as a great family. A great company is made with great people and in this company, we are lucky to have a […]

Xorialyc®, a natural skin inflammation relief

  Looking for a natural and differentiated ingredient? Nowadays, up to 23% of the general population in developing countries suffer from skin concerns related to inflammation. At Pharmactive, we are offering a 100% natural alternative against skin inflammation. We proudly present Xorialyc®, our innovative olive leaf extract fully supported by scientific evidence for its purity, efficacy, and safety for conditions […]

KWD+®, an innovative kiwi extract to improve protein digestion and absorption

KWD+®, HIGH-PERFORMANCE KIWI EXTRACT Kiwi fruit’s beneficial properties are well-known by the scientific community and by the general population, including its nutritional effects and digestive properties. At Pharmactive, we concentrate all these benefits to offer a genuine and multipurpose kiwi extract to improve protein digestion and absorption. KWD+® is produced in Spain and provides a […]

Pharmactive Mood Balance

Depression starts in college

GROWING DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS  IN ADOLESCENTS Stress, anxiety and depression are often considered adult problems but in fact rates in teenagers are growing in frightening numbers of around 120%, as the German KKH has found in a recent data collection among 26.500 kids and teenagers in Germany. In total numbers the estimations consider 1.1 million German […]

Natural Products Expo in Anaheim

We just arrived back from Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, meeting with many of our international clients and partners and finding out what´s new in food and supplements. Now we are getting ready for Madrid´s Infarma trade show this week. Starting March with good vibes and looking forward to the next events!