Study Supports affron’s® Fast-acting, High Bioavailability


A new study confirms the superior oral bioavailability and fast-acting capabilities of affron® saffron extract, formulated by nutraceutical experts Pharmactive. This is the first pharmacokinetics study of a commercial saffron extract.

The study, led by Paula Almodóvar, MS, was conducted at universities in Australia and Spain and published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Almodóvar and her colleagues investigated the in vivo accessibility of the main bioactive components of the company’s affron®-branded commercial saffron extract during digestion, and the corresponding pharmacokinetics in human volunteers following oral administration.

The single-dose, randomized, double-blinded study was used to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of two doses (56 mg and 84 mg) of affron saffron extract in 13 healthy human volunteers (5 men and 8 women), aged 18-30. Blood samples were drawn prior to supplementation, every 30 min during the first three hours, and at 24 hours after administration of the two different concentrations. As expected, crocetin was detected in plasma. The plasma analysis detected maximum concentration of crocetins within an hour of oral consumption with proven functional effect. Crocetin, is a saffron bioactive that plays a  major role on helping to improve mood.

Crocetin was found to be more quickly absorbed than other lipophilic carotenoids of higher molecular weight, demonstrating its potential for inclusion in fast-acting formulations. Moreover, maximum crocetin concentration from affron were similar to the figures found in other works that tested higher amounts of active substrates.  and digestion of all bioactive saffron compounds shown to reach the intestine.



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